Authentic Indian Hindu Wedding

I was grateful to be able to experience a new culture this weekend while filming Sree + Arya's American/Hindu wedding day!

There was a Catholic Wedding ceremony held first with a traditional Hindu "Tie The Knot" ceremony that followed at the historic Outing Lodge in Stillwater, MN (pictured above).

After a brief conversation with the gardener/bartender, Paris told me that The Outing Lodge was constructed in the mid 1800's and served as one of Minnesota's first Poor Farms before transitioning to a home for the elderly and eventually to the bed and breakfast and event center that it is today.

Wearing traditional Kurta's, which are bright colored robes decorated with beautiful jewels and patterns, Sree + Arya tied the knot which is a tradition where they literally tie a knot using colorful ropes and drape them around each other's necks which signifies that the bride and groom are married (pictured below).

The couple then invites family and friends to congratulate them by sprinkling rice and flowers on their heads.

The dancing was spirited too!

I had a great time "working"!

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